Rethink Afghanistan: Civilian Casualties

 In Afghanistan

Our friends at Brave New Foundation have just released the latest part of their documentary Rethink Afghanistan. This segment offers a heartbreaking look at the civilian casualties caused by the occupation of Afghanistan. The mainstream media has not brought this human side of the war to the American public, and Afghan voices are not being heard enough in Congress. A few members of Congress are raising concerns about civilians casualties, both because the devastation is morally reprehensible and it undermines security and stabilization. We need to get these stories out to the public and mobilize people to pressure our government to change course.

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  • For Your Information

    This is the most horrible lie to be campaigned upon. Afghani’s want you Americans and your American aid out of Afghanistan. Afghanistan does not need your help or your opinion. Afghanistan is a Muslim nation filled with believers of the one and true God. Only God can help. You can not. You say this is for peace, but surely this is mischief. If you want to help than you should tell your leaders to retreat, fear God and God alone! To display such videos and to say we must help by providing this aid and this food. NO! Leave Afghanistan, take your planes, your doctors, your food and your men and leave Afghanistan in God’s hands!

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