Cut the F-22 Outdated Fighter and get an Afghanistan exit strategy in a Few Days

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We have a chance to win on two issues in the next few days:

1. Cut the funding for the outdated F-22 Jet, which both Pres. Obama and Def. Sec. gates want cut.
2. Get an exit strategy from the Obama Administration on Afghanistan

Amendments on H.R. 2647 will be taken by House Rules Committee until 7:30 PM tonight.  Then, the rule will be voted on in the Rules Committee tomorrow, Tuesday after 5:00 PM.  Even though there’s still some shifting about which bills will come up in what order this week, it appears that H.R. 2647, the FY 2010 National Defense Authorizations Act/NDAA, will come to the House floor on Wednesday, June 24th, immediately following the completion of the FY 2010 Homeland Security Appropriations Act.

Debate on the defense bill and amendments to the defense bill will likely continue into Wednesday night, with votes on those amendments being rolled over to Thursday, June 25th.   Any remaining debate and votes on the defense bill and amendments will be completed on Thursday, June 25th.  The annual White House picnic is “Hawaiian style” this year and on Thur. eve.  Members hope to have finished up the defense bill by that time (i.e. 6-ish), but if not, there will be a break in voting while debate on the bill and amendments continues, with votes rolled until later in the evening or the next morning.

Here’s some of the strategy that various coalitions are working on:

Focus on the F-22 should be Dem. leadership and our normal allies asking them to support any amendments that cut the F-22.

Focus on the Afghanistan Exit Strategy Amendment should be on those allies that are not current cosponsors of HR2404

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  • Realsmart

    outdated F-22 Jet? This is a joke of a website.

  • Cosmic Surfer

    Realsmart says this is a joke of a website? Sorry, the joke is on you. The F-22 is a bloated, useless, costly joke and it is a bad one…Does NOTHING for the military and will cost YOU AND I, as taxpayers over $340,000,000 EACH – it costs over $40,000 an hour to fly and that does NOT take into account the dumped fuel for landings.
    EVEN McCAIN is against this defense budget mess
    We do NOT NEED another fighter. IN FACT we could cut out defense budget in HALF and STILL spend 3 times MORE than the next largest defense spender in the world.
    So,it appears you may not be REAL SMART afterall

    • Robert

      Why do we not need another fighter?

      China has just tested their new J-20 which could easily take out any other jet besides the F-22.

      Russia tested their prototype of the PAK-FA which was specifically designed to “seriously challenge U.S. air supremacy.”

      Control of the airspace above a battlefield is the key to safety. As we learned in WWII, Vietnam, and Kosovo, “air superiority is the foundation for victory on land, at sea and in the air.” MORE men will DIE on the ground, in the air, and in the water if we lose the F-22.

  • S

    Obama hails Senate vote killing F-22 production
    © 2009 The Associated Press
    July 21, 2009, 12:02PM

    Excerpt from
    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has hailed the Senate’s decision to stop additional production of F-22 fighter jets, saying the move will “better protect our troops.” Obama was referring to a 58-40 vote in which the Senate on Tuesday accepted an amendment killing an additional $1.75 billion that supporters of the F-22 had tried to get into a defense spending bill. (Return to story)


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