Tell Congress to can the sanctions!

 In Action Alert, Iran

Thousands of you flooded Congress’ inboxes with opposition to sanctions on Iran—thank you! (If you haven’t yet, click here to write to the House, and here for the Senate).

After Labor Day, Congress will come back into session and be greeted by a high-powered lobbying campaign pressuring them to back sanctions. We need to ramp up our efforts to send them a message they won’t forget. Click here to sign up to drop off a message at your representative’s office: Can the Sanctions!

If your representative is cosponsoring sanctions, grab a can from your cupboard, attach our downloadable graphic to it, and drop it off at their office. Our graphic will provide a link to hard-hitting facts about how sanctions will not only fail, but backfire. And you’ll leave behind a physical reminder that you expect your representative to fight for smarter policies that will make us safer.

If your representative isn’t cosponsoring sanctions, drop off our certificate of appreciation to help bolster him or her against the pressure Congress will face from the hawks next month.

I’ll e-mail you with all the instructions for this simple yet high-impact action, and directions to the office. Take a photo of your delivery, and we’ll post the best ones on our blog and Facebook page.

In only a few weeks, we will hit the September deadline Congress has set for Iran to come to the negotiating table. Iran is in the midst of political turmoil and not in the best place to respond to pressure to negotiate. This could trigger Congress to move forward with sanctions. They are already asking the Government Accountability Office to update its list of companies that deliver gas to Iran in preparation. We need to show Congress the error of its ways before it is too late.

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