Pelosi says some defense funds should freeze too

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There’s been a glut of bad news of in politics of late, but one congressional leader is showing spine uncharacteristic for many congressional Democrats — Nancy Pelosi.

I’m talking about her criticism of Obama’s plan to freeze spending for everything but Defense, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs. She’s saying that if there is a freeze, it should include some defense too, specifically singling out money that goes to defense contractors.

Pelosi said Thursday morning that there should be a “bifurcation” within the defense budget between money that goes to troops and money that goes to defense contractors.

“I don’t think the entire defense budget should be exempted,” Pelosi said at her weekly press conference. “We support our military and their families … but we do not support the entitlement program for overruns on the part of military contractors.”

It’s a sensible point, since military spending accounts for more than half our discretionary budget, is wasteful beyond belief, and the wars it funds have not contributed to our security. It seems like a good place to start cutting to me. If you agree and you live in California’s 8th Congressional District (San Francisco), send her an email letting her know. And while you are at it, let her know you want to see more of this kind of leadership, namely pushing for an examination of cost effective, nonmilitary alternatives in Afghanistan.

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  • libhomo

    A full withdrawal of troops and mercenaries from Iraq would save billions of wasted dollars every month.

    • Reva Patwardhan

      Yes it would. Good to see you, libhomo.

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