It's not the heat, or the humidity, or the three days without electricity (in the near 100 degree heat in the DC area)…

…or the constant roar of the neighbors’ generators near my house in Silver Spring, Maryland, just outside our nation’s capital, that make one crazy. Well, they kinda do, though [...]

House Republicans make our point for us

For decades, we have pointed out that bloated military spending takes money away from programs that have a much more positive impact on society–health care, education, the social safety [...]

Are you smarter than the Pentagon?

At the very least, you are surely less resistant to making reasonable cuts in the Pentagon budget. Over the last few months, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has been spouting hyperbole about the [...]

Occupy Oakland, not Afghanistan

As I marched jubilantly with tens of thousands of my closest friends, one refrain on our lips was the classic, “show me what democracy looks like, THIS is what democracy looks like!” Indeed. [...]