The Gaza Flotilla

 In Middle East

Too many mornings while listening to the AM news, we’re reminded that ours is a violent world where international tensions play out in tragic and senseless ways. With the news of 9 civilians killed by an Israeli Naval raid on ships carrying humanitarian supplies to Gaza, Monday was one of those mornings.

As a Peace Action West supporter, you know that those who care most deeply about the world need to take concrete action if we want a more peaceful world. Especially at times like these. While we mourn the loss of life, we can take action to ensure the U.S. is helping to make peace in that war-torn region across the globe.

At this critical moment I’m asking you to contact President Obama and ask him to do three things:

  • Join the international community in condemning this attack on a humanitarian mission in international waters.
  • Push for an end to the counterproductive Gaza blockade that is causing so much human suffering.
  • Step up efforts to help bring peace by ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Almost every nation in the international community has condemned this attack. But the United States, with its unique relationship with Israel, has been quiet at this critical time. The President needs to speak out more forcefully and support a truly independent, international investigation of the attack. But we also need a wider vision and wider action. Now while the world is paying attention there is an urgent opportunity to end the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and build lasting peace in the region. You and I can stand up and make sure our country joins other countries calling for an end to the blockade of Gaza.

Since the 2006 elections that put Hamas in power, the U.S. has supported the blockade of Gaza. But the blockade has failed to force Hamas to change its positions. Nor has it encouraged Palestinians to remove them from power. Instead it has caused serious harm to human health and welfare among the civilian population. There are better ways to protect the Israeli population and to promote peace in the region. The U.S. should support efforts to improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza and work with the internationally community to end the blockade.

Pressure around the world to end the Gaza blockade is growing. But without the U.S. joining in, the efforts to improve the situation are likely to stall out as Gaza moves off the front page. You can help make sure the United States has the vision to help end the blockade and to make peace in the region a higher priority. Please write the President today.

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