Public Mobilization for a Nuclear-Free World

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Long-time scholar, author, professor and peace activist Larry Wittner, a member of the national Peace Action board of directors, has a new article on the state of public opinion and activism for nuclear weapons abolition published by our friends at Foreign Policy in Focus. It begins:

“One of the ironies of the current international situation is that, although some government leaders now talk of building a nuclear weapons-free world, there has been limited public mobilization around that goal — at least compared to the action-packed 1980s.

However, global public opinion is strikingly antinuclear. In December 2008, an opinion pollconducted of more than 19,000 respondents in 21 nations found that, in 20 countries, large majorities — ranging from 62 to 93 percent — favored an international agreement for the elimination of all nuclear weapons.”


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