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Who will triumph in one of the last big political battles of 2010? The Republicans, Democrats, security experts, military officials and 73% of the American public who support ratifying New START? Or Senator Jon Kyl and his right wing cronies who are playing partisan politics with nuclear security?

You can help determine the outcome. Click here to tell your senators you want them to vote yes on New START and to do it now.

Sen. Kyl says Republicans need more time to think about this treaty. But in the year since the last START treaty expired, the Senate has held 21 hearings on New START and the administration has answered more than 900 questions from Republicans. Every reasonable national security expert has come out in favor of this treaty. There is no excuse for delaying an agreement that helps decrease the threat from nuclear weapons.

But still some Republicans are digging in their heels, using ridiculous stall tactics and demanding exorbitant amounts of money to fund the nuclear weapons complex.  Republicans are using these games to avoid taking a position on what should be an uncontroversial treaty. It’s time to end the games and force them to take a stand. Click here to write your senators to push for a New START vote before the end of the year.

It’s going to be even harder to ratify this treaty in 2011, so we need to pull out all the stops now. The administration, the media, Republican treaty supporter Dick Lugar (R-IN), and the arms control community are putting the heat on Kyl for his shameful tactics. You helped us flip two Republicans to vote in favor of this treaty in committee.  Now we can finish what we started and ratify the first major arms control treaty in decades. Click here to take action.

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  • Kathy

    I think Senator Kyl may be right about us needing to take more time to examine the actual provisions of this treaty. Do you all understand that Obama is proposing one of the largest nuclear spending increases in history, even larger than George W. Bush’s failed spending attempts? If this treaty passes, it will lead to a new US nuclear weapons complex that will manufacture nuclear weapons far into the future. We cannot allow such a danger to our people and planet!

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