The "Golden Rule" Will Sail Again, And Enrique Alvarez, Presente!

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Two excellent articles from national Peace Action board members:

The story of the “Golden Rule,” an original “peace boat” that sailed into the Pacific nuclear test zone of the US in the 1950’s to protest nuclear testing is an inspiring, gripping tale of non-violent resistance to the insanity of nuclear weapons and war. The boat is now being restored by Veterans for Peace activists in Northern California.

Peace Action board member, author and SUNY/Albany professor Larry Wittner has an uplifting article on the Golden Rule on the History News Network website, it’s worth a read!

John Lamperti, Dartmouth professor, national Peace Action board member and long-time peace activist, was recently in El Salvador on the 30th anniversary of the murders of Enrique Alvarez and other opposition leaders by Salvadoran police and military.  John reports,  “Huge problems continue, but the political situation there, at least, seems to be improving somewhat. Read John’s article on truthout.


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