Breaking: A disarmament victory in the Senate

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As we end 2010 with a major victory, help us start 2011 with the support we need to keep moving. Give $40 or more, and we'll send you the new 2011 Peace Builders calendar. Photo credit: Chris De Bruyn -

It was touch and go until the end.

But just moments ago, the Senate voted to ratify the New START treaty, taking a major step towards a world safe from the threat of nuclear weapons!

I am not kidding, this was a real nail biter. We had to get 67 senators on board to ratify the treaty, and even after more than a year of organizing, a handful of hard-right Republicans with a lot of power were pulling every string to kill it.

But together we prevailed, and we just ratified the first major disarmament treaty this nation has seen in decades.

As we celebrate this victory, we’ve got to prepare for what comes next, because in 2011 we’ll face an even tougher Congress. Will you help us keep the momentum going into the new year by making a year-end contribution? For a gift of $40 or more, we’ll send you the 2011 Peace Builders calendar as thanks.

This wasn’t an easy fight, but it was worth it. Russia and the US have 95% of the world’s nuclear weapons, and it’s crucial we lead by example by making reductions. We aim to eliminate every last nuclear weapon on earth, and if we had let this treaty fall victim to the Senate’s partisan games, it would have killed prospects for bigger steps, like a comprehensive test ban.

Legislative victories like this are often years in the making, and that takes organizations that can sustain campaigns over the long haul. Ninety-eight cents of every dollar we have to spend comes from people just like you pitching in when it matters most. We need your help to keep advancing the causes both you and I hold dear.

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The Peace Builders calendar illustrates in full color what we stand for — peaceful alternatives to bombs and war. It highlights proven programs that, with the right resources, can help build a more safe and just world by addressing some of the root causes of war.

Thank you for sharing in this victory with us.

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