More on Weapons Contractors in Egypt

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Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Raytheon are among the top merchants of death in terms of weapons transfers and military aid to Egypt. Surprised?

Sue Sturgis reports on the Top Ten US weapons contractors making a killing in deals with Egypt (mostly if not entirely paid for by U.S. aid, i.e. you and me, our tax dollars at work!) in Facing South, the excellent publication of the Institute for Southern Studies.

NPR  just led off a story with the following (more or less, may not be exactly verbatim) – The US-Egyptian relationship is decades old and benefits both sides. Egypt gets helicopters, fighter planes, missiles and other advanced weaponry, and the US gets overflight rights, desert training access and expedited shipping transit through the Suez Canal.

Way to read that Pentagon press release, Robert Siegel!

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