Peace Action National Board of Directors Statement on Egypt

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Whereas Peace Action’s new 5-year plan affirms the right of all persons to participate in the decisions that affect their lives, and

Whereas for many years, the U.S. government has undermined democracy in the region by supporting repressive authoritarian governments with military and economic aid, and

Whereas the peoples of the Middle East, as evidenced by the popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, are demanding respect for their rights and a voice in their own government,

Therefore. be it resolved that the national board of Peace Action expresses its support for the pro-democracy movement in the Middle East, and its condemnation of military and economic support for undemocratic regimes. We call on our members to bring this message to President Obama, and to their legislators.

Adopted February 6th, 2011 in Washington, D.C.


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  • Kathleen McCoy

    I support this resolution.

  • DHFabian

    I’d take Americans’ calls for peace, etc., a little more seriously if they applied it to conditions in the US. There is no freedom when a segment of the population is essentially removed from the public discussion, and when that segment of the population is stripped of a number of civil and human rights — our poor.

    While our govt has handed over billions of dollars to corporations, which have largely used it to move US jobs to foreign countries, it stripped out the entitlement to basic aid, and America’s response is one of flat apathy. Between welfare “reform” and NAFTA, the US now has some of the most extreme economic disparities among modern nations, and again, there is no democracy when an entire section of the country does not have equal rights and protections (on the issue of “the right to vote,” it doesn’t mean much when NO candidate represents them).

    Peace? The only time in modern history when the US followed international human rights standards (per the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights) as applied to the poor was after the early to mid 1960s, when cities were set on fire. Our poor have been quiet and peaceful since. Ultimately, we now have a situation where the infant mortality rate among America’s poor now rivals that of some Third World nations, and the life expectancy of our poor has fallen below that of most Third World nations. And America remains indifferent — even the religious community and the progressive community. This indicates that peace might not always be the answer.

  • Susan

    Very well said Kathleen – Thank you!!!

  • Roxy et Dias Roxas

    American mass media wanted to corrupt and sexually exploit Egyptians, for being exotic and fair skinned.
    Dumb Americans thought a staunchly Sunni Islamic Republik would suddenly become “hedonistic” and life there would be like a variety show.
    Now, the peace treaty brokered by Pres. Carter between Israel and Egypt is abolished.
    Now, read below from the Israeli News and see an Islamic Revolution leading to Wahabism:

    Al-Qaradawi Returns to Cairo After 50 Years
    by Chana Ya’ar
    A Muslim Brotherhood cleric known for his hatred of Jews, women and homosexuals returned on Friday to the podium in Cairo after a 50-year hiatus to address a crowd of more than a million worshipers.
    A Sunni Muslim, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi was banned from Egypt in 1961. The imam relocated to Qatar, where he continued to spew his speeches filled with hatred and encouragement for terrorism in broadcasts on the Al Jazeera pan-Arab satellite news channel.
    “Don’t fight history,” the 84-year-old imam now told governments in other Arab countries where his speech on Friday was televised. “You can’t delay the day when it starts,” he said, clearly referring to the wave of riots that has toppled governments in Tunisia and Egypt, and has threatened to bring down those in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Algeria. “The Arab world has changed.”
    Al-Qaradawi’s return spells a victory after being banned from the United States and Britain for supporting attacks on the U.S. military in Iraq and suicide terrorist bombings in Israel. He is also the spiritual adviser for the Palestinian Authority terrorist group, Hamas.
    Prior to the ban he had established himself as a trustee of the Boston Mosque – New England’s largest Islamic house of worship. Although he allegedly left the position still reportedly serves as chairman of the board of trustees at the Islamic American University, a subsidiary of the Muslim American Society (MAS). A search of the university’s website, however, turned up no information on any of the institution’s leadership, which appeared to have been carefully omitted.

    The MAS organization, which runs the Boston Mosque, has been named by U.S. federal prosecutors as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood of America.
    The European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR), widely considered the most influential fatwa council in Europe, is also chaired by al-Qaradawi, who hopes one day for world conquest.
    “What remains, then, is to conquer Rome,” the imam told his followers in 1995 at a conference held by the Muslim Arab Youth Association (MAYA) in Toledo, Ohio. “This means that Islam will come back to Europe for the third time, after it was expelled from it twice… Conquest through Da’wa (proselytizing) – that is what we hope for. We will conquer Europe, we will conquer America!”
    Al-Qaradawi also has expressed his support for female genital mutilation (female circumcision) in a fatwa accessed in August 2007 by the Investigative Project on Terrorism.
    Responding to a query posted at Islam Online, the imam acknowledged the practice is not mandated under Islamic Shari’a law, but added, “whoever finds it serving the interest of his daughters should do it – and I personally support this under the current circumstances in the modern world.”

  • Roxy et Dias Roxas

    If Egyptians do not join Muslims for Christ and control a moderate government, with equal rights and protection for Christians and Gius, the Western traditionally Christian nations will institute Siete Partidas, just as our governments have over the Islamic Repulik of Iran. We Christians have fundamental differences in governance, just as the Christian Freemasons wrote in the American founding documents, their version of “freedom,” now updated:

    *Anti-Slavery: sexual exploitation, forced labor, unless in a penal colony;

    *Anti-Gender Discrimination, which is un-American, un-Christian, un-Giusish, and un-Islamic;

    *Anti-Intoxicants, which will lead to reckless and harmful behavior;

    *Anti-Domestic Violence, because it is harmful to the family and society at large;

    *Anti-War, because we are pro-life and anxiously await manufacturing of life saving vehicles (e.g., medical and refugee evacuation helicopters and large aircraft);

    *Pro-Political Dissent, any type of “anti-Rebecca” persecution, is un-American, is un-Christian and un-Islamic;

    *Pro-Food Production, and request non-military foreign aide, whenever possible, and believe in “from swords to plowshares” programs.

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