Amazing. Mubarak steps down.

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Protester kisses riot police officer. One of the most iconic images to come out of the protests.

This is incredible. At around 6:15PM in Cairo, (this morning for us) Hosni Mubarak ended his 30 year reign as President of Egypt.

Honestly, it’s incredible to be able to watch this unfold live via Al Jazeera English’s YouTube channel. If you can, I recommend checking it out. The coverage and analysis is great, and the military council that is leading a transitional government continues to make new statements about what will come. It’s the same content as the live feed on the Al Jazeera English site, but since it’s hosted in the US, it streams faster.

The cheers in the streets are overwhelming. The video of dancing and singing in the street brings tears to my eyes. It’s an amazing victory for Egyptians, and for all of us that support peace and human rights.

This story is far from over. As I mentioned, the military has stepped into power, and we’ll be watching how things unfold. Elements of the military have been involved in gross human rights abuses throughout these protests. The US has provided billions in annual aid to the Egyptian military. That’s why you and I have a role in remaining vigilant, and doing everything we can to make sure the rights of Egyptians are protected, and the transition is peaceful.

We’ll let you know when your action can make a difference.

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  • Cole Harrison

    Mass. Peace Action salutes the Egyptian people for forcing the departure of Hosni Mubarak through a nonviolent movement!

    This is a moment to celebrate. But the struggle is far from over. The US will attempt to maintain a compliant clique in control and drag out the transition to democracy so long that it never arrives.

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