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Photo courtesy of Oxfam America.

I am feeling inspired by a great call last night with Rep. Barbara Lee and Shannon Scribner of Oxfam America. Now it’s time to act.

The House slashed billions of dollars from the 2012 international affairs budget because they think it’s an easy cut that will go unnoticed. We can’t let the Senate make the same mistake.

Donate just $1 to help our friends at Oxfam bring lifesaving support to East Africa. We’ll let your senators know you put your money where your mouth is, and they should too. That means protecting the roughly 1% of our budget that now goes to these programs.

Politicians like to grandstand about wasteful spending on diplomacy and development, these programs are small potatoes compared to what we spend on war, and they are far more effective. As someone who understands all this, will you give $1 to save the 1%?

The Senate is working on the 2012 budget. Now is the time to show them that we care about this funding and will fight for it.

By donating $1 to Oxfam’s relief efforts in East Africa, you’ll automatically sign a petition telling the Senate to step up to save the 1% of our budget that goes to diplomacy, development and aid.

For every $175 we pool together, Oxfam can help dig a well that will provide water for years to come. Helping build healthy communities is the right thing to do, and the more stability there is in the world, the safer we are here in the US.

Thank you for speaking up for those suffering in East Africa and all Americans and global citizens who benefit from these programs.

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