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Today, Reuters reports that diplomacy and development programs face a “death of 1,000 cuts” in Congress:

House Republicans have proposed whacking another $8.6 billion from the budget for the State Department and foreign aid in fiscal 2012, starting October 1.

As the worst famine in decades stalks millions in East Africa, 29 percent would be cut from the overall account that funds Obama’s initiative for fighting global hunger, “Feed the Future,” according to the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition.

The deficit-cutting deal between Obama and Congress in August set out $917 billion in overall savings, which puts more pressure on foreign aid along with other programs.

Lawmakers must now find another $1.2-$1.5 trillion in deficit reduction across the government over a decade.

Unpopular foreign assistance may be the first to go.


Last month, you took an important step to help us show Congress that programs like diplomacy and development do have support from voters around the country. Hundreds of you put your money where it counts, donating more than $3,300 to Oxfam’s efforts to alleviate famine in East Africa. That’s enough to build 18 wells that can provide drinking water for years to come. Thank you!

We’re sending your messages to your senators to let them know that you were willing to step up to fund alternatives to war, and they should be too. This fight isn’t over, as the House and Senate will soon need to agree on a budget for 2012, and the super committee with be looking at long-term deficit reduction plans. To make sure you know the latest news and when you should take action to save these programs, join our Stand Up campaign to support alternatives to war.



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