Your life in the decade of war

 In Afghanistan, Your life in the decade of war

We’ll hit 10 years of war in Afghanistan on October 7th.

Think about it. What does it really mean to spend an entire decade at war?

A generation of American kids is too young to remember a time when we were not at war. Some Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have watched their kids leave to fight on the same battlefields where they once fought. So much has changed — from how we get on an airplane, to how Muslims in our communities are treated. But the war continues with no end in sight.

As we approach this anniversary, we want your help in telling politicians and the media that this war has gone on ten years too long. Click here to learn more, so you can share the story of your decade at war by October 4.

My life changed a lot in ten years. When the war started in 2001, I was in college in New England. I had just completed the internship that helped me realize that I wanted to dedicate myself to making the world a better place. Today, I am eight years into the rewarding and challenging work of organizing to end wars that have torn our country and others apart.

How has your life changed in ten years? Whether yours is a story about war, or just about life, here’s your chance to share it.

Everyone has a story, and we’re making it easy to share. Just pick two images — one that represents your life as it was at the start of the war, and one that shows your life today. It could be two photos of you, a couple pencil sketches, or photos of objects from around your house, etc. Then, write a short caption.

Your story can be funny, sentimental, or completely serious. Be as creative as you like, or just keep it simple. We’ll make sure the public, the press and Congress see it, and get the message.

Click here to get ideas and inspiration. We’ll send you reminders to get your story in by October 4th.

Thank you for helping us make it clear that a decade of war is far too long.

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  • James Rogers

    Ten years! Just one day is too long for any war. There are people who do not agree because they make tons of fiat money by manipulating nations to keep fighting each other. Our leaders, at least some of them, know who these self-appointed kings are but they never mention their names, for the warring would suddenly increase if they did. Our President Obama is doing a wonderful job keeping the war-mongers at bay. He knows who they are, but the U.S.American presidency was designed to be a weak position by our Founders because they were afraid that if they didn’t restrict his power he’d become another tyrant like George III. The way to end the war is to follow Ron Paul’s advice and put an end to the foreign corporation that is controlling our country. End the Federal Reserve System which thrives on lying money

  • David Altschul

    Trying to “promote a diplomatic solution with Iran” is at best delusional, and at worst paternalistic imperialism. Countries that run by Sha’ria law, believing that uppity wives should be beheaded (as a Mulsim recently did here in the US), that rape victims should be murdered, and that infidels must be slain in the name of the Divine, are not interested in California definitions of democracy. Book such as NOW THEY CALL ME INFIDEL (By Nonie Darwish, whose father was chief of ,military intelligence under Nasser) and WHY I LEFT JIHAD (by Walid Shoebat, who used to work for Arafat) point out that political Islamism (as distinct from the Muslim faith) is not susceptible to neo-feminist suggestions that we all make nice with one another.

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