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In the next few weeks, the deficit “super committee” will develop a deficit reduction plan that could set the direction of the federal budget for the next decade. There are 12 people in the room making those decisions, and they need to hear from you.

Click here to tell the super committee to support a plan that ends the wars, cuts wasteful military and nuclear spending and protects alternatives to war. You will be redirected to their public comment page, where you can fill out your information and personalize the sample message.

Supporters of our bloated Pentagon budget are not taking this fight lying down. The defense industry has launched a massive lobbying campaign, dubbed “Second to None,” urging people to oppose cuts to the military budget. Super committee member Sen. Jon Kyl threw a temper tantrum and threatened to quit if military budget cuts were even on the table. Everyone from members of Congress to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta are making unfounded claims about doomsday scenarios that would occur if the military budget decreases.

We need to push back. Click here to tell the super committee to protect our real priorities by cutting wasteful military and nuclear spending.

There are only a few weeks left to influence the super committee if they are going to meet their November deadline. We are pulling out all the stops, generating phone calls, postcards and emails and directly meeting with super committee members’ offices in DC and their districts.

Help us amplify our message before the super committee deadline. Click here to take action.

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  • Jim Phillips

    Cut the military budget by 50%. Reasoning is that the military budget has doubled since 2001.

    Cut the nuclear program out of all funds. We do NOT need nuclear power anything and is a total waste of money. Remeber Fukushima of Japan!

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