Nov 17: Power to the Peaceful 99%

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You can’t evict the 99%. Agnes from Community Voices Heard, an East Harlem based organization of low-income people, working to improve the lives of the community said,  “Don’t get it wrong. They’re fighting for us, for my granddaughter.”

After the eviction of Occupy Wall Street from Zuccotti Park early yesterday morning, Agnes and thousands of labor, clergy and community groups flooded lower Manhattan in solidarity. We must all be there for Occupy Wall Street November 17.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said, “They can take away the tarps and the tents, but they can’t slow down the Occupy Wall Street movement.”

You can’t evict an idea whose time has come!

The 1% have created havoc in the economy, in our communities and around the world with wars and occupations. Time for economic and racial justice. Time to move the money from wars and weapons back toour communities. Time to take a stand in New York City on November 17.

Today we are challenged to become more than organizers for peace, we must be organizers for peace and justice.

1. Call 212-New-York or (212-772-1081) to express your outrage to NYC Mayor Bloomberg.

2. Mobilize for an outpouring of the 99% on Thursday, November 17.

Are you in CT, NJ, Eastern PA?  Come to NYC to make it the biggest action in the country. Or find a solidarity action in your area.

They can’t slow us down now. The Occupy movement has changed the political terrain. The systemic inequalities have been named. Now we must stand in solidarity with the right to occupy by making clear that we need to fund our communities and not the Pentagon, war profiteers or the rich and their corporations. We must organize the peace and justice movement for the needs of the 99%.

In New York City, we will gather at subway hubs in the 5 boroughs and Occupy the subways as we head toFoley Square for a 5 PM peoples assembly. Then a festival of lights will encircle the City Hall and proceed across the Brooklyn Bridge. Join us!

Power to the peaceful,

Judith Le Blanc
Field Director
Peace Action

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  • george phillips

    your right…they can take all we own but they can’t take away our voices and when the voice of the people is loud enough…..the voice of the people always prevails.God bless the people.we need to get out the message by using what ever means we have….face book….twitter…..our web sites word of mouth…..etc.

  • george phillips

    who could deny that we would all be better off with peace than war.lives,,,,money…..and so much more have been spent with very little or no progress made towards peace.surley theres a better way.let us all search our own hearts and see,first,how we can personally contribute to a world of peace by first living a life of peace in our own lives towards our always begins with our selfs…..God bless you all.!.

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