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November 17, 2011, the 2-month anniversary of the start of the 99% movement, people have hit the streets in hundreds of cities across the country.

This morning, thousands surrounded the New York Stock Exchange. Hundreds were arrested, many for the second or third time since the start of the movement.

Among the arrestees was retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis. “All the cops are just workers for the one percent, and they don’t even realize they’re being exploited,” Mr. Lewis said. “As soon as I’m let out of jail, I’ll be right back here and they’ll have to arrest me again.”

The first in a series of ongoing actions, the protests are expected to continue throughout the day, with occupiers planning on taking their message into the subways throughout Manhattan this afternoon.

As their November 23 deadline draws near, the Super Committee did not escape the attention of the 99%. At a fundraiser for Senators Kyl and Hatch this morning, occupiers chanted “Put people first! Make Wall Street pay!”

Let’s amplify the message!Call toll free now! 888-907-1485

Tell your Senator and Congressional Representative: Put people first! Move the money from wars and weapons back to our communities! The rich and corporations must pay their fair share and move the money from the Pentagon to human services and create jobs.

Power to the peaceful,

Judith Le Blanc
Field Director
Peace Action

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