Are you smarter than the Pentagon?

 In Pentagon Spending

At the very least, you are surely less resistant to making reasonable cuts in the Pentagon budget. Over the last few months, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has been spouting hyperbole about the supposed dangers of cutting the bloated military budget, saying cuts would turn the dominant US military into a “paper tiger” and would spell “doomsday” for our national defense.

The New York Times reported, however, that the Pentagon hadn’t even made contingency plans for cuts because they were afraid they would leak to the media and prove that it is in fact perfectly reasonable to make significant cuts to the Pentagon’s budget. The experts in the Sustainable Defense Task Force managed to identify nearly a trillion dollars that could be cut in the next decade without detrimental effects on US security. (You can read our recommendations to the deficit super committee¬†here.)

Today the New York Times has a new tool that gives you the opportunity to show just how doable it is to cut $450 billion from the Pentagon budget. Do you think you can do better than Leon Panetta in finding waste in the Pentagon budget? Click here to use the tool and find out.

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  • James Rogers

    Yes. You bet I’m smarter than the Pentagon. If I had my way there would be no military budget at all and the dude who rules the Fed would be washing dishes in a German restaurant. The point it, the Pentagon is only a pile of stones, steel, cement, etc. all woven together in warp and woof intricacies. It has no arms, it has no brain, it is not smart within the normal denote of that word. If the question actually refers to the warmongers housed in Pengaton office, they’re very smart people, but the danger to our U.S.America rest upon how their brains are programmed, constituting a rigid paradigm from which they cannot escape. Pity poor U.S.America.

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