One Last Chance

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We have an urgent opportunity to move closer to a nuclear weapons free world.

Every president gets one chance to revise and update US nuclear weapons strategy. That chance is coming in just a few weeks, when President Obama will make critical decisions about the role and size of the US nuclear arsenal. [1]

The president supports the vision of a nuclear weapons free world, and this could be his last opportunity as president to codify that vision, and put it in writing.

That’s why we need you to sign our petition to President Obama today, to tell him that he shouldn’t let this chance slip away. 

The president agrees with us about nuclear weapons, but not all those who influence him do. Many influential lawmakers are pushing the president to water his vision down. That’s why Peace Action West is part of a national campaign to make sure he hears from us. Groups all over the country are working to get thousands of messages to the president, and your message will be hand-delivered in a meeting with White House staff before the president makes his decision. Join thousands of activists from across the country and take action today.

The president’s nuclear weapons strategy review will help determine whether we continue to live with the threat of nuclear annihilation or move closer to a world without nuclear weapons. Click here now to put your support in writing, and ask the president to do the same.

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