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It’s an election year. That means it’s prime accountability time.

And this email has everything you need to let your representatives in DC know you’ve been watching them like hawks.

I’m excited to bring you Peace Action West’s report on the 2011 Congress in a new interactive format. It’s not only a guide to what happened in Congress last year—it’s a roadmap to action.

Explore the features and see if your representatives stood up for peace or dragged their heels in 2011.

•    Navigate the interactive map
. See the landscape of peace votes for the whole country, with color-coded districts showing you where to find the peace leaders. Zoom in to see individual districts. Or search by last name or zip code.

•    Click on your representatives’ names to drill down for detailed analysis of the votes they cast.
 Read about the most crucial foreign policy votes that came up in 2011, and get the details on what happened.

2011 Highs and Lows. Read about the good, the bad and the ugly of 2011—from the first successful passage of a bill to accelerate withdrawal from Afghanistan to frightening attacks on civil liberties in the name of the “war on terror.”

•    Executive perspective. 
Get the big picture on 2011’s peace votes and what they mean for this critical election year.

Take action. Once you’ve checked out your representative’s voting record, click here to make your voice heard.
This voting record shows that we have our work cut out for us. Too many members of Congress are still stuck in Cold War thinking. But it also showed the immense power of organized grassroots efforts and the giant steps we have made toward ending the war in Afghanistan — progress that would have seemed impossible only a couple of years ago.

Sweeping redistricting throughout the country has put new congressional races in play and given us a real opportunity to make the peace movement a louder voice in this election. Let this Congressional Voting Record be one step in learning the landscape of Congress and showing our representatives that the peace vote is a formidable force.

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