NATO Counter-Summit: go viral!

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By Judith Le Blanc

The main way we can pump up the volume on the issues the May 18-19 Counter Summit for Peace and Economic Justice will explore and maximize participation: social networking.

Organizing has to be rooted in the 21st reality. Phone calls are the corner stone of organizing, but social networking enables us to reach tens of thousands. More than we could ever call. You do the math!

In the last 10 days, before NATO begins to meet in Chicago, we would like as many as possible to help build support for the Counter Summit for Peace and Economic Justice and the protests on May 20.

EVERY DAY we will be pushing out info, Facebook posts and Tweets which you can use in the social networking or emails.

These are the URLs we will use from now on in all communication:

Website URL:

Facebook page:

Facebook event page:

Twitter hashtag: #NATOFree

What you can do:

• Post the information on your Facebook page. Ask your Facebook friends to LIKE NATO Free Future on Facebook. We will reach ten’s of thousands this way.

Our goal is to get the info on as many Facebook (FB) pages as possible, drive people to the Network Free Future FB page and the FB event page on a daily basis.

a) Like the NATO Free Future FB page. We will reach ten’s of thousands this way.

b) Drive people to the NATO Free Future Facebook events page.

c) Post links on your or your organization’s Wall and find other group’s FB pages and post to their Walls.

d) Find Occupy, peace groups, discussion lists and post info on the counter-summit.

e) Respond to news events, articles or commentaries and post links on your FB page. Example: “NATO: military alliances don’t stop wars, they encourage wars. ”

f) Use Twitter to promote counter-summit. Retweet the NATO Free Futures Tweets.  Follow Twitter account: NATOFreeFuture USe the hashtag #NATOFree

Social networking How to’s

• Simple Ways To Get More Likes On FB Pages –

• How to get Fans to use the new FB Share link

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    Hi Judith. Not sure if this is your thing but thought you might like to take a look at another Facebook page promoting peace?

    Best of luck.

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