Chicago Office Workers Told to Dress Like the 99% During NATO Summit (Which of Course Most of Them Are!)

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It’s tempting to say no comment is necessary about this absurd story in Crain’s Chicago Business that some Loop (downtown Chicago) office workers are being told to dress down and eschew their normal business attire at work during the upcoming NATO Summit to avoid being somehow targeted by protesters. But it’s too delicious an opportunity to waste!

The fear-mongering here is absurd. What in the world is there for Loop office workers to be afraid of? Peaceful folks nonviolently exercising their first amendment rights, representing not only the 99% but the more than 2/3 of the US public wanting an end to the U.S./NATO war in Afghanistan, (and a new poll today shows 63% oppose Obama’s “Twelve More Years!” plan to stay in Afghanistan until 2024)?

Seriously, do the top corporate types, and government and media shills for the interests of the 1%, fear the majority of their own employees (who, in a liberal city like Chicago, are probably mostly in the 99% and the 2/3 wanting to end the Afghanistan war as soon as possible) having minds of their own? Let’s hope at least some Loop employees eschew the fear-mongering and come out and join us — and the “us” will include people from around the country and around the world, and veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars returning their military service medals to NATO — in their suits and ties or with flowers in their hair. We’ll welcome them either way.

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  • Oliver Robinson

    Well the NATO Summit in chicago I have a vision to dress during the summit is okay dress while you live do not wait until you die and then family member dress you up, the trip to Patistan by the President was Okay was it good or bad, my fellow American the war in Afghanistan will soon end but on my mind to day I need to make more speeched across America but I do not have the fund to make the trip I do not receive any fund for what I do
    to contact your America community organizer
    Rev Dr. O.D, Robinson Psy.D
    P.O. Box 205
    Mound Bayou,MS 38762
    ON facebook it is Oliver Robinson Jackson,Mississippi

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