You vs. the NRA

There are 875 million guns in the world, and almost 2 bullets for every person on this planet. Apparently that’s not enough for the NRA and their right wing allies. They are working hard to [...]

A House Divided

The House of Representatives just can’t make up its mind. They have passed two pieces of legislation recently that directly conflict with each other regarding spending levels for certain [...]

Report from the Field

New Jersey Peace Action’s Grassroots Activist Skills Building Day –Jessica Camacho and Madelyn Hoffman, New Jersey Peace Action On June 9th New Jersey Peace Action (NJPA) held a grassroots [...]

Primary election results: a voice for peace in the 2012 elections

Last night was the first big primary night in our work to elect pro-peace candidates in November. There were a lot of tight races, and California’s new top-two primary system brought some [...]