Your question for the candidates

When we asked our supporters which peace issue you most want the presidential candidates to address at the upcoming GOP and Democratic national conventions, close to 50 percent chose military [...]

GOP Convention Delayed a Day, But Let the Exposing of their Hypocrisy Begin!

Concerns over Hurricane Isaac have postponed the Republican convention by a day (and I hope the Gulf Coast gets lucky and receives nothing but some much needed rain for a parched landscape), but [...]

Not Again! Peace Action Agrees with Washington Post Editorial for Second Time in 5 Weeks!

Yep, hard to believe, but the Washington Post editorial board got it right again this morning with Exploding Costs, an editorial questioning the wisdom of devoting up to $10 billion of our tax [...]

War! What is it Good For? A TV Show? Tell NBC to Cancel "Stars Earn Stripes"

Stupidest. Show. Ever. Tell NBC to cancel its asinine “Star Earns Stripes” “reality show” that is meant to “honor the troops.” How does trivializing war honor [...]

Your meeting at the White House

Thanks to you, the White House got a clear message about the need to rid the world of nuclear weapons. On May 7, 2012, members of the Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Free World coordinating [...]