Relief for Iran's earthquake victims

 In Iran


I saw the above photo circulating around the social networks this weekend, a heartwarming reminder of the potential for peace and friendship between the US and Iran. It’s potential that I saw every day on my wonderful trip to Iran in 2009. It’s one small gesture, but one that’s important to remember as there is more frantic reporting about an increased likelihood of an Israeli military strike.

Now is a time when our friends in Iran particularly need our gestures of support. Over the weekend, two earthquakes struck Iran, killing 300 and injuring 5,000. The litany of harsh sanctions on Iran makes it more difficult for humanitarian organizations to deliver relief. Our colleagues at the National Iranian American Council are asking people to tell the Obama administration to issue a license to allow the humanitarian relief to get through. You can join in here. 

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  • Bryan Lever

    My prayer is that the barriers of religious intolerance are thoroughly destroyed so that more humanitarian aid can flow between all countries of good will.

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