GOP Convention Delayed a Day, But Let the Exposing of their Hypocrisy Begin!

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Concerns over Hurricane Isaac have postponed the Republican convention by a day (and I hope the Gulf Coast gets lucky and receives nothing but some much needed rain for a parched landscape), but why wait to expose GOP hypocrisy over military spending and war? (Not that the Dems are all of the sudden the party of Gandhi of course! Presidential kill lists anyone?)

Politico got things started early with its report on Saturday that the GOP platform had been posted online, by mistake. It’s a doozy, with prominence given to “American Exceptionalism.” (Thanks to Stephen Schwartz, Editor of The Nonproliferation Review, for the heads up on this.)

Also over the weekend, Carol Giacomo’s New York Times editorial “How Mitt Romney Would Force-Feed the Pentagon” calls Romney and Paul Ryan to account for their alleged fiscal restraint, which of course doesn’t apply to our gargantuan Penatagon budget. Our own Larry Wittner, Peace Action national board member and Professor Emeritus at SUNY/Albany, writes in a similar vein in his article “The Republican Small Government Fraud” on the History News Network.

Finally, some videos from our colleagues at Brave New Films, in an ongoing series called War Costs. These first two bash at some low-hanging Pentagon budget fruit – NASCAR sponsorships and golf courses – but they’ll soon have films on more serious Pentagon boondoggles.

All of this is terrfici grist for our Move the Money mill! More soon on our Move the Money grassroots training program.


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  • Oliver Robinson

    From your America Community organizer The Gop convention delayed by the weather, I am so sorry but in my opinion Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan just can not understand that what have happen in United State is not President Obama fault The President walk into a
    mess when he took office,I ask Mitt Romney when he was in Alabama and Mississippi what can you do that President Obama is not doining if the other GOP will not vote yes on what you put on the table congress the GOP have not try to help President Obama.
    I feel a chill in the air, in November I am asking the batteground States to vote Obama for 2012
    the key word, ( Evangelicals Christian
    to rid them self of the tea party and the GOP)

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