Victory! Senate votes to end the war

 In Afghanistan

Today, for the first time, the Senate took a roll call vote in favor of bringing our troops home from Afghanistan.

This morning, Senator Merkley’s amendment to bring our troops home from Afghanistan passed in an overwhelming 62-33 vote! THANK YOU to all of you who have helped make this happen.

This is the culmination of years of work to build congressional support for a quicker end to the war, and it’s the first successful vote of its kind in either the House or the Senate.

Click here to see how your senators voted.

Getting the Senate on record for ending the war is crucial right now. The Obama administration is beginning negotiations on a deal with the Afghan government that will determine the long-term troop presence there. Obstinate hawks and people in the Pentagon are pushing for drawing the war out as long as possible. This vote further marginalizes those staunch war supporters and gives momentum to those of us who want this war to end as soon as possible.

Working to end the war has been a long and difficult effort, but days like today remind me that we are making a real difference. Thank you for being a part of this victory.


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  • Kraig Thorne

    The war ended in 2002, so we should have brought them home then.

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