Take a chunk out of the Pentagon

 In Action Alert, Pentagon Spending

If Congress doesn’t break its stalemate by March 1st, automatic spending cuts will kick in.

I was just on Capitol Hill talking to congressional staff, and it’s clear they need to hear more support for lashing the Pentagon budget. Take action now to call for significant reductions in wasteful Pentagon spending.

While weapons company CEOs complain about how many jobs will be lost if we cut Pentagon spending, they somehow find millions of dollars to lobby Congress to preserve their tax dollar payday.

Our three-person team spent a week racing around Capitol Hill so we could represent your voice for common sense cuts to Pentagon spending. Now we need you to back us up, so we can drown out the weapons contractors. 

Thanks to months of work, the advocates of smarter military spending have the hawks on the defensive. These negotiations for a deal on spending cuts are our best opportunity to move from chipping at the Pentagon budget to hacking off a sizeable chunk.

Your representatives need to hear from you now.

Thank you for taking action.

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  • Lucky

    My ID is from Ohio but I’m living in Fl and spent many years in LA. Can I just call all 3 of them or do I pick just one?

    • Rebecca Griffin

      You should pick the one for where you’re living now. Thanks for taking the action!

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