Action alert: don't mess this up

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We can’t afford to continue business as usual.

The newly elected President of Iran is sending positive signals that he wants to engage with the West.  When he comes into office next month, we’ll have the best opportunity in years to test out real diplomacy with Iran. But not if we send the wrong signals in these next critical months.

Tell your representative to sign the Dent/Price letter supporting diplomacy with Iran.

Reps. David Price (D-NC) and Charlie Dent (R-PA) just put forward a bipartisan letter urging the president to reinvigorate efforts to negotiate with Iran.

We need to get as many signatures as possible on this letter in the next week to show that the momentum is behind diplomacy. A strong showing on this letter will help give President Obama the political space to take advantage of a real chance to avoid military confrontation and resolve tensions with Iran peacefully.

Take action now to urge your representative to sign the Dent/Price letter.

Hawks will be looking for any excuse to torpedo engagement with Iran. Groups around the country are mobilizing this week to build support for this letter. We have a real opportunity now, but it is a fragile one. Help the pro-diplomacy side win the day by taking action now.

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  • Ed Aguilar

    This is right on time. Trita Parsi opens his book on Obama’s diplomacy with Iran with Einstein’s quote:
    “You cannot prevent and prepare for war at the same time.”
    We had the opportunity in 2003, but missed it for an Iraqi train to nowhere. Let’s not miss the right train now. I
    believe Rouhani, Rafsanjani, and co. are ready to deal, if we’re truly ready as

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