Action alert: the hawks are angry

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Lindsey Graham

It seems we have ruffled some feathers.

We knew after our big victory for diplomacy with Iran last week, the hawks would get riled up.  It didn’t take long.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told a cheering audience on Tuesday that he would introduce a resolution to authorize force against Iran if this complex issue doesn’t get resolved by the fall. [2] Getting ready for war just two months into the new Iranian president’s term reveals a complete lack of interest in a diplomatic solution. And an apparent lack of interest in reality. Graham actually said, “My goal is to avoid war, and the best way to avoid war is to let the Iranians know they’re going to face one and lose.”

If we’re going to rein in hawks like Graham who would push us towards war, we need other senators to push back. Tell your senators to speak out publicly for reinvigorated diplomacy with Iran.

We’ve made amazing progress by getting more than a quarter of the House to speak out for diplomacy with the new Iranian president. We can’t stop there. 

The next two months will be crucial, and there will be many opportunities for our opponents to try to sabotage diplomacy. Hassan Rouhani will be inaugurated next week, and we have to give President Obama political space to reinvigorate the diplomatic effort.

Your senators will be facing loud opposition to smart diplomacy. If we want to stop another war, we have to be louder. Take action now to tell your senators to speak out for diplomacy.

Thank you for sticking with this fight.

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  • paulie627

    I’m happy to do what I can, but Peace Action West seems to be sending me virtually identical messages on a regular basis. Yours is not my only issue and a break on the number of identical emails would be very nice.

    Paul Franzmann Walla Walla, WA

    • Rebecca Griffin

      Paul, thanks for doing what you can. We really try to only send out multiple emails in a week if it’s really important. As I mentioned in the alert, we know there is going to be a big backlash to our progress and intense pressure on members of Congress, so it’s really important that we are vocal on this as loudly and often as possible. The other side on this issue is certainly not going to stop after one time. We have a unique and unprecedented opportunity to push for diplomacy with Iran, and it would be really easy for people to jeopardize that, so the work is urgent right now. Thanks so much for your support.

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