Urgent Alert – Call the White House and tell President Obama, "No Attack on Syria."

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With another apparent use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government against the rebels that has killed civilians, the White House seems poised to take military action in Syria.  Call the White House comment line now at 202-456-1111 and say:

“I oppose military intervention and military support in Syria.  I support massive efforts for a political solution and continued humanitarian aid.”

Americans strongly oppose the use of troops in another war in the Middle East.  The U.S. would likely seek NATO support in an air campaign with bombing and missile strikes.  If the goal of the bombing was to destroy the capacity of the Syrian government to use chemical weapons, that would be hard to achieve.  Experts believe that we do not have the intelligence of the location of all the chemical weapons.

Please call now, 202-456-1111, as the President may make decisions soon.

While arming the rebels may seem a sensible approach, not all the rebels are the same.  In fact, some are supportive of Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.  Additionally, providing military support is like throwing gasoline on the fire and does not encourage a political settlement, which is the only way the violence will end.

With over 100,000 deaths, 4 million people displaced from their homes and the likely use of chemical weapons, the U.S. does need to take urgent action.  History proves that the military approach will not bring a solution.  Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey mentioned recently that the solution is not a military one.

Hence, the U.S. needs to continue working with Russia to hold the repeatedly delayed peace talks and must add all key regional actors to those talks.  Other diplomatic avenues need to be traveled to produce a negotiated settlement.  The U.S. should support the International Criminal Court in arresting those committing war crimes such as the use of chemical weapons.  And lastly, continued humanitarian aid and aid to refugees is needed to assist civilians.

With the 50th anniversary of Peace Action supporter, Reverend Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream speech” this week, we know the power of nonviolence.  Only nonviolent acts will solve the conflict within Syria.  Call the President now at 202-456-1111.

Humbly for Peace,


Kevin Martin
Executive Director
Peace Action

P.S.-  President Obama is considering military intervention in Syria.  Call the White House comment line now at 202-456-1111 and say:  “I oppose military intervention and military support in Syria.  I support massive efforts for a political solution and continued humanitarian aid.”  Please forward this to your friends, family and colleagues.

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  • Riley Frost

    Interesting post. I posted something a while ago on this, you might be interested. http://rileyfrost.wordpress.com/2013/08/26/what-are-the-concequences-of-military-intervention-in-syria/

  • Cynthia Cannady

    Why do you accept the premise that justifies an attack on Syria–that the government used chemical weapons? I have seen no evidence other than accusations by unreliable sources. And why should there be an arms embargo? And why has Peace Action been so quiet about opposing intervention in Syria until now?

  • Henry Lowendorf

    It is regrettable that the leadership of Peace Action accepts the assertions of John Kerry and the Obama administration. The logic that Assad is using chemical weapons when his troops are winning with conventional weapons, when the troops are in the target area, when UN inspectors are on site, when he and the world know that the U.S. and NATO are looking for an excuse to attack and overthrow him – the logic is in the other direction. Remember the Maine? Remember the Gulf of Tonkin? Remember Serbia’s attacks on Kosovars? Remember Saddam’s WMD? Remember the generals’ proposal to John Kennedy for false flag killing of U.S. citizens to justify invading Cuba? What does it take for PA to recognize that Kerry is Colin Powell redux? The empire wants to control the whole of the Middle East, its oil, its military-base proximity to Russia and Africa, the sea lanes. It’s right to oppose military intervention, but why give the U.S. and NATO the benefit of the doubt on behalf of humanitarian imperialism?

  • Heyer, Bernadette Sandra

    I need to speak to the President.
    My father worked for the CIA
    & I need to give him information.
    My brother was also a Marine
    for life.. After my family
    served our Country all their
    lives for Freedom.. I’m now
    In need myself with the IRS..
    If anyone cares, I’m 67, also
    supporting a family member
    so our Counrty doesn’t have to.
    I want ro pay my taxes, but they
    the IRS is in the process
    Of taking all away.. Which means,
    If they proceed further.. I won’t have
    a job .. b/c I’ll be fired.. & then
    that will cost my Country more
    $. The agent’s name from the
    IRS is: Christopher Noreiga
    I live in California & he’s on East
    coast.. I’m in need of help from
    my Counrty & President..
    I also have info my Father
    told me that my President
    should know of from the past.
    Thank you, President Obama,
    b/c of your continued help
    with your kind heart & brilliant
    expertise over the years.. I wish
    you would/could run again..
    You would win… 310-699-6866
    Is my cell #. As far as Syria goes
    I leave that to my President!

  • Melvin

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