Iran deal in danger. Call now!

 In Action Alert, Iran

We told you the opponents of the Iran deal weren’t going to take this huge diplomatic victory lying down. Unfortunately, we were right.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) is planning to introduce a bill to torpedo the Iran deal this week.  He wants to micromanage the administration’s diplomacy and put deal-killing expectations on the negotiations.

Click here to call your representative NOW to vote NO on this dangerous bill.

Sadly, this isn’t a fringe effort. Democrats have expressed concern that leaders in their party will get on board and make this a bipartisan effort.  The Obama administration is lobbying for Congress to back off, but they need to hear it from the districts.

I know asking you to pick up the phone and call is going above and beyond. But this is one of those times we all need to step up and make sure our voices are heard right away. There are lobbyists on Capitol Hill this week aggressively pushing this bill, and Congress needs to hear the other side. Our calling tool makes it quick and easy for you to take this critical action.

Click to call your representative to vote NO on Cantor’s diplomacy-killing bill.

The deal with Iran is a huge victory that could lead to a long-term peaceful solution. But our victories will only last if we’re willing to defend them. Call your representative now, and forward this to your friends to ask them to join in.

Thank you.

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