Petition: Begin negotiations to end the war in Syria

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Years of negotiations with Iran paid off.  Now we need to see the same commitment and determination from our government to stop the Syrian civil war.

We need a political solution, not more bombing. Weapons transfers and the imposition of a no-fly zone will only add fuel to the fire.

Please take action by signing our petition to end the war and take steps to deal effectively with the humanitarian crisis that war has spawned. 

Peace Action has joined with many of the same allies that worked with us to secure the Iran peace accord pressure to our government to begin comprehensive negotiations with all the key stakeholders, including Russia and Iran.

The longer we wait to have comprehensive peace talks to work out a peace plan, the longer the war and refugee crisis will continue. The petition is the next step,, it sets the stage for follow-up actions and builds support for specific legislation we expect to see shortly to deal with the refugee crisis.

Please take action now and forward this petition to your family and friends and ask them to take action as well.

Humbly for Peace,

Paul Kawika Martin
Political Director
Peace Action

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  • Leonardo

    Hi there. I’m from Colombia, how are you?

    People states answers, explanations from thoughts of what they see, but at same time people “states” that there is nothing more, nothing beyond: False, pressumtions, suppositions.
    What they want to satisfy? = why? = for what? = since when?
    People don’t ask for reason/cause/motive.
    People don’t know about the people they are talking about.

    Happy people ain’t ill ⇔ integral being(iff)(whole,universal,integrated) = ain’t get ill = were not ill = were fine = are fine = not only them-family-society-world.
    Corrupt guy ⇔ how is HIS family? It’s different to ours, we don’t know it.

    When did corruption, killing, capitalism start?. Animals-chimpanzee are and were no corrupts.
    First difference is diet.
    after that,
    Cause of corruption = Comunity=social=familiar problem that was not resolved.
    I guess history tells some similar things (repeated-happened again throughout history)

  • A Jensen

    I agree this war has been going on for far too long already. And another will make it worse. No one wants this and definitely not WWW3. Which will be probably be more destructive than the first two. When does it end? It is not a solution it is a problem. Of catastrophic proportions.

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