Protect the Squad

Will you help Protect the Squad? We can’t afford to lose Jamaal, Cori, Summer, Ilhan, or Rashida from Congress. Peace Action needs your help in building a massive grassroots effort to challenge [...]

Protect the Results

Next week has the very real possibility of becoming a national emergency. Donald Trump routinely ignores democratic norms, lies about mail-in voting, or falsely calls the election “rigged.” We [...]

We Need Each Other To Face The Future

It breaks my heart to see so many friends and loved ones grieving for our country today. I know many of you, like me, are still processing this tectonic shift and what it means for our country [...]

You. Tomorrow. Vote.

Tomorrow is the big day. As someone who cares about the future of peace on our planet, I want to encourage you to go out and vote. This is one small, but powerful, action you can take to promote [...]