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Peace Action works for smarter approaches to global problems. If we want to address problems like war, the nuclear threat, poverty, climate change, and terrorism – the U.S. needs to work together, cooperatively, with other nations. We also need to overcome the partisan politics and divisive rhetoric that often drown out alternatives to war. By getting people and communities around the country involved, we build the political will needed to break through that deadlock. Our success comes from empowering people to engage in foreign policy issues like no other organization.

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Gaza Ceasefire Now

Neither the terrible attacks by Hamas on October 7 nor the brutal Israeli response in Gaza will bring justice to either Israelis or the Palestinian people. What is needed right now is a permanent ceasefire to prioritize de-escalating the violence, safeguarding people’s lives, reuniting hostages with their loved ones, and pushing decision-makers to enact solutions that promote the mutual recognition of everyone’s humanity.

Global Flashpoints: Conflict Prevention and Diplomacy

We need less saber-rattling and more diplomacy, cooperation, and conflict prevention. Only growing international cooperation can help tackle the common threats we face — growing threats from pandemics and disease, catastrophic climate change, the scourge of nuclear weapons, violent extremism, economic inequality, and more. Achieving peace and enhanced security would be much cheaper and in the beneficial interest of us all.


Ending U.S. Complicity in Gross Human Rights Violations

Our campaigns are focused on some of the worst human rights crises in the world and where U.S. policy is making the problem worse such as Israel and Palestine, Yemen, and Afghanistan. Because U.S. policy is a significant driver of these human-made humanitarian crises, U.S. activists can play an outsized role in changing course in a way that makes the world a better place while enhancing U.S. and global security.

Fighting For a Nuclear Weapons-Free World

Since our founding as the Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy in 1957, Peace Action has tirelessly worked for a world free from the scourge of nuclear weapons. Help us advance that goal and decrease the threat of nuclear weapons today!

People Over the Pentagon: Cut the Bloated Pentagon Budget

Join Peace Action in our campaign to cut Pentagon spending and Move the Money from wars and weapons back to our communities!

Congressional Scorecard

Our Congressional Scorecard tracks the voting records of members of Congress on the critical pro-peace issues of the day.

Act Now

Gaza Ceasefire NOW!

Since October 7th, 2023 tens of thousands of innocent civilians – nearly half of whom are women and children – have been killed in the violence in Gaza. Tens of thousands more have been critically injured, and now millions face devastating malnutrition and disease. Contact your members of Congress today and demand they support a ceasefire in Gaze NOW!

Help Build a Pro-Peace Congress

Your contribution to the Peace Action PAC will be put to immediate use for:
* Hiring, training, and deploying more organizers in tight races with pro-peace candidates
directly supporting pro-peace candidates’ campaigns
* Running more media ads in targeted, swing districts
* Providing crucial, pro-peace educational materials to voters in swing districts

Peace in Ukraine

Urge your members of Congress to support 3 key steps for peace in Ukraine:

1) Support for a global diplomatic surge for a just end to the war

2) Maintain U.S. support for economic and humanitarian aid to Ukraine

3) Support critical debt relief for a stronger and more secure Ukraine

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Donating to Peace Action provides critical resources to support our nationally coordinated grassroots and online campaigns, respond instantly in the media to right-wing misinformation and work with our coalition partners and our allies in Congress to fundamentally change US foreign policy.

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