Powerful Op-Ed on the Iraq War in the Kansas City Star by Peace Action national board Co-Chair Dave Pack

Posted on Tue, Jan. 03, 2012   http://www.kansascity.com/2012/01/03/v-print/3350801/the-iraq-war-was-our-greatest.html Iraq War Was the United States’ Greatest Foreign Policy Disaster  By [...]

Peace Action on C-SPAN

Thanks to the hard work of national Peace Action board member (and University of Hawai’i Human Rights Law Center founder) Joshua Cooper, Peace Action got some serious airtime (an hour and a [...]

Yesterday's Terrorist

–Peter Deccy, Development Director One thing the killing of Osama bin Laden accomplished is it put aside any shame that should rightfully be borne by NATO for the ghastly bombing of Saif [...]

Confusion over Libya War Reflects the Decline of US Empire (Which is a Good Thing!)

–by Kevin Martin, Executive Director The U.S./British/French-led intervention in the civil war in Libya has caused confusion on many sides – in domestic public opinion, congressional [...]

The Fall of the US Empire – Asserting it in our work as peace and justice organizers, especially to empower people to create something better in its wake!

–Kevin Martin, executive director, Peace Action This is something that has been rattling around my brain for a while, but recent conversations with Phyllis Bennis, Judith LeBlanc, Joseph [...]

Peace Action National Board of Directors Statement on Egypt

Whereas Peace Action’s new 5-year plan affirms the right of all persons to participate in the decisions that affect their lives, and Whereas for many years, the U.S. government has undermined [...]