Urgent! One Question for Peace Before Friday

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In just a few short days, John McCain and Barack Obama will face each other and our country in the first presidential debate. Moderated by Jim Lehrer, this first debate will focus on foreign policy. There’s a lot to discuss, of course, and we know that at least part of the debate will address the United States’ role in achieving world peace.

Over the next few days, Jim Lehrer will be hearing from many people about what kind of questions should be asked at the debate. With so many questions pouring in, it will be challenging to find those questions which are most important to citizens. We have a chance to impact his selection. That’s why Peace Action West is focusing all of our efforts on one key question. If thousands of people all ask Lehrer to ask this one question, it will be impossible to ignore. Please click here to help out!

There are, of course, many critical questions about peace that we could ask. We’ve narrowed it down to just this one to better the chance that it will be asked:

"This is the first time in American history that both major party presidential candidates have endorsed the vision of a nuclear weapons free world. What are the specific steps you would take as president to get us there?"

Here’s why this question matters so much to achieving a more peaceful world. Nuclear weapons can wipe out millions of people, millions of families, in the blink of an eye. Fear of this terrible power has defined US foreign policy for too long, from the Cold War, to the war in Iraq, and the threat of war with Iran.

We only have a few days to ask Jim Lehrer to put our question into the debate. He needs to hear from us today, loud, strong, and many. Please take just a moment right now to request that just this one question be included, and then tell your friends and family who also care about peace to do the same.

Thank you for all you do. We’ll keep you posted on what’s next.

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  • ann Sutherland-Faerber

    See my personal question on nuclear safety for Jim Leher (accidentally posted) on the Action Week posting.

  • libhomo

    A questions that should have been asked:
    Do you understand how the spending on the Iraq war and the resulting deficits has contributed to our current credit crisis?

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