A glimpse inside Iran: what do you want to know about my trip?

Since I returned from Iran, I have been poring over photos and videos and preparing to report back about the amazing experience I had, and to mobilize people to take action to pressure our [...]

Studying America in Tehran

On our last day in Tehran, we had a meeting with Dr. Hosseini, professor of American Studies at Tehran University, and some of his M.A. students. The American Studies program has only existed for [...]

A carrot in one hand and a bottle behind your back

While I was out shopping near our hotel in Tehran today, I stopped in a market for a bottle of water. A man in the store named Hossein recognized that I spoke English, and when he asked where I [...]

Tourism for peace

Yesterday morning, our tour guide for Shiraz, Ashkan, picked us up at the hotel. He was very interested not only in showing us around, but in learning about the work we are doing to bring peace [...]

Miles for Peace: young Iranian activists bring their messages of peace to the world

After a lovely morning of sightseeing in northern Tehran, we met today with members of Miles for Peace, and Iranian organization dedicated to promoting peace. Their mission statement begins: We [...]

Hijab and shopping for manteaus: day one in Tehran

After many hours of being in planes and waiting for planes, we finally touched down in Tehran around 1:30 this morning. Amongst the announcements about tray tables and electronic devices was a [...]