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As you read this, Iranians have just finished voting in one of their most highly anticipated elections in decades. Whatever the outcome of the election, both the US and Iranian governments will need to catch up to their citizens—we are ready for peace. This isn’t just something I’ve read or heard — I documented it in both countries to break through the fear propagated by politicians and pundits. Watch our video of messages of peace from Iranians and Americans, then join thousands of people in becoming a Citizen Diplomat.

Together we have to stand strong. The notorious fear-mongering group United Against a Nuclear Iran, cofounded by Obama’s Iran adviser Dennis Ross, just released a TV ad designed to scare people about Iran’s nuclear program. This week, Republicans in the House pulled a ridiculous stunt, trying to force a vote on Iran sanctions to send a message to Iranians right before their election. We need to make sure Americans see the true desires of Iranians and Americans, not more scare tactics and saber-rattling. Watch our video and honor these voices by committing to participate in the movement for diplomacy with Iran.

I was truly touched by the warmth and kindness of the messages of peace you wrote and recorded before my trip – THANK YOU. Spending time in Iran confirmed my belief that peace between our countries is possible. I couldn’t have received a kinder reception from the people I met, and every person I talked to wanted a better dialogue with Americans. With a real understanding of Iran’s perspective, and a partnership based on respect, we can begin to fundamentally change our relationship with Iran. But don’t take it from me. Watch the video.

I have always been motivated to stop war and sanctions against Iran by a fundamental belief in the value of human life. But now this is not abstract for me—these are friends who invited me into their homes, welcomed me to their cities, and taught me about their history and culture.  I am more committed than ever to breaking through the deception of our media and politicians and pressuring our government for diplomacy. If we can show enough people the real Iran, we can outnumber and drown out the voices of fear.

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  • libhomo

    That’s interesting, but what about Iraq?

  • Jean Talbott

    Thanks, Rebecca. I am scheduled to do some speaking on Iran locally, and will use your information of what you found there. Jean

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