Take Action Now To Bring Our Troops Home From Afghanistan

The President just sneaked in and out of Afghanistan during the cover of night to sign an agreement that could take the U.S. down a path of having 20,000 –  30,000 troops in harms way until [...]

Third time in 2 weeks

Earlier this week in Afghanistan, NATO helicopter gunners killed 9 Afghan boys who were gathering firewood, mistaking them for insurgents. One 14-year-old was the sole breadwinner of his family, [...]

4 more years of war? Not everyone is on board

In Lisbon for the NATO summit, President Obama is proposing a plan that would keep foreign military troops in Afghanistan until at least the end of 2014. Even this end date is vague, discussed as [...]

General McChrystal's Afghanistan strategy, meet reality

One of the major underlying concerns with US strategy in Afghanistan that is not examined nearly enough is whether it is realistic. Since General McChrystal took over as commander in Afghanistan, [...]