Third time in 2 weeks

 In Action Alert, Afghanistan

Earlier this week in Afghanistan, NATO helicopter gunners killed 9 Afghan boys who were gathering firewood, mistaking them for insurgents. One 14-year-old was the sole breadwinner of his family, and he left behind 13 sisters and 2 mothers. This is the third time in the last 2 weeks that foreign forces have been accused of killing civilians.

Meanwhile here at home, Republicans in Congress are waging a war on the working people of this country, slashing social programs while leaving the war budget untouched.

The war is destroying Afghan lives while fueling painful cuts to programs here at home. It’s time to end it. Please tell your representative and senators to cosponsor new legislation to end the war in Afghanistan.

Three leaders in Congress have introduced new legislation that will pressure the administration to end the war in Afghanistan:
•    Sen. Barbara Boxer’s bill requires the president to present a timeline for withdrawal from Afghanistan to Congress.
•    Rep. Barbara Lee has reintroduced her bill to prohibit military spending in Afghanistan unless it is used for a safe and orderly withdrawal.
•    Rep. Woolsey’s new bill directs the president to negotiate an agreement with the Afghan government that would prohibit permanent US military bases and include a timeline for withdrawal.

Click here to tell your representative and senators to cosponsor these important bills.

A military withdrawal is set to start in July, but the president hasn’t said how significant that withdrawal will be, and when the war will end. Some officials are downplaying the July milestone. Defense Secretary Robert Gates referred to it as a “judo” move that would trick the Taliban into thinking the US was leaving when it really wasn’t.  With the clock ticking on that July deadline, now’s the time to let them know you’re serious about ending this war as soon as possible. Take action today.

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