President Obama's disappointing war plan

In his speech to the nation this evening, President Obama closed the loop on a promise he made in December of 2009 to begin the process of ending the war in Afghanistan in July of 2011. That [...]

The Pentagon's idea of a joke?

It’s been clear for some time that the Pentagon would push for a small withdrawal starting in July, despite President Obama’s pledge that the withdrawal will be significant. The Wall Street [...]

Third time in 2 weeks

Earlier this week in Afghanistan, NATO helicopter gunners killed 9 Afghan boys who were gathering firewood, mistaking them for insurgents. One 14-year-old was the sole breadwinner of his family, [...]

Did Petraeus forget something about July 2011?

Today, General David Petraeus published a letter to the troops in Afghanistan about what’s ahead in the coming year. He praised their efforts and let them know to expect “much hard work” in 2011 [...]