Please Call Your Rep Now to Oppose the War in Iraq and Syria

As you know, last week President Obama announced that he was going to send nearly 500 more troops to Iraq on top of the over 3,500 already sent.  Add to this 17,000 airstrikes over the region at [...]

House Supplemental Votes and Rep. McGovern’s Afghanistan Exit Strategy Bill

You can find how your Representative voted by clicking here. Sources tell me that Chairman Obey will not allow any changes or amendments to the supplemental.  I think it is very important to [...]

Original Cosponsors to Rep. McGovern’s Afghanistan Exit Strategy Bill

McGovern introduced H.R. 2404 Thursday morning with Original 73 cosponsors to date: Jim McGovern (MA) Walter Jones (NC) Donna Edwards (MD) John J. Duncan, Jr. (TN) John Tierney (MA) Carol [...]