Thanks to Veterans Who Struggle for Peace – Please Add Your Favorite Veterans to This List

  Veterans Day, also Remembrance Day and Armistice Day, is this Sunday, with the Monday holiday observance. The mainstream message we usually hear is thanks to veterans and to troops serving [...]

War! What is it Good For? A TV Show? Tell NBC to Cancel "Stars Earn Stripes"

Stupidest. Show. Ever. Tell NBC to cancel its asinine “Star Earns Stripes” “reality show” that is meant to “honor the troops.” How does trivializing war honor [...]

1,000 too many

Today marks a heartbreaking milestone in the US’s misguided military engagement in Afghanistan. 1,000 American soldiers—fathers, mothers, daughters, sons—have perished in the war. It’s difficult [...]

Soldiers of Conscience

Their country asked them to kill. Their hearts asked them to stop. Soldiers of Conscience is a dramatic window on the dilemma of individual U.S. soldiers in the current Iraq War – when their [...]

American Centurion

Weird, disturbing and potent.  It’s interesting to watch at the very least. takes aim at Sen. McCain’s 100-year Iraq War in this 4-minute film by Josh Sugarman; a [...]

Iraq & Afghanistan Tolls

Those who died in Iraq from Aug 17 to 23: Cpl Travis Stottlemyer 20  Hatfield PA George Stanciel  40  Greenwood MS 77 were seriously wounded. 96 were returned to occupation. 95 Iraqi sisters and [...]