Congress: Crush the Slush Fund

By Judith LeBlanc, Field Director,Peace Action The Pentagon is ready to use a “slush fund” to do an end run on budget cuts. They will take some of the money for wars called the Overseas [...]

Senate approves war funding bill

Yesterday, the Senate approved President Obama’s $91.3 billion war supplemental for Iraq and Afghanistan by a vote of 86-3. One Democrat, one Republican and one Independent voted against [...]

Take Action: Senate Voting on Afghanistan, Iraq Supplemental

Saeed Barakat returned home from a visit with relatives to a “nightmarish landscape,” where his family had been sleeping during an air strike. He said, “We blame America. With all their [...]

House Approves Supplemental War Funding for Iraq and Afghanistan Without Exit Strategy

Today, the House of Representatives approved President Obama’s $96.7 billion dollar supplemental for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, 368-60.51 Democrats voting against the supplemental [...]