Iraq Toll

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Those who died in Iraq from Jul 15 to 21:

Eric M Holke  31  Crestline CA

Cpl Shawn Stankovich  20  Arlington WA

Maj Jaroslav Pozadzy  39  Poland

Pvt Brandon Bobb  20  Orlando FL

Pvt Ron Joshua Jr  19  Austin TX

Sgt Nathan Barnes  23  American Fork UT

CPO Patrick Wade  38  Key West FL

PO Jeffrey Chaney  35  Omaha NE

Pvt James Harrelson  19  Dadeville AL

Spc Zachary Clouser  19  Dover PA

Spc Daniel Gomez  21  Warner Robbins GA

Spc Richard Gilmore III  22  Jasper AL

Sgt Luis Gutierrez  38  Bakersfield CA

Sgt Ronald Coffelt  36  Fair Oaks CA

Cpl Brandon Craig  25  Earleville MD

Air Peter McFerran  24  Wales UK

Air Christopher Dunsmore  29  Leicester UK

Air Matthew Caldwell  22  Birmingham UK

Cpl Rhett Butler  22  Fort Worth TX

Cpl Timothy Flowers  25  No Ireland UK

Sgt Jacob Schmuecker  27  Atkinson NE

Cpl Christopher Scherer  21  E Northport NY

5 were seriously wounded.

105 wounded were returned to kill fields.

492 Iraqi sisters and brothers were killed.

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    Former John F. Kennedy adviser and speechwriter Ted Sorensen says the similarities between JFK’s candidacy in 1960 and Barack Obama’s candidacy today are “striking.”

    Both Kennedy and Obama entered the race for the Democratic nomination as first-term U.S. senators in their 40s, and both were faced with obstacles many observers deemed insurmountable, Sorensen writes in an opinion piece in Britain’s Guardian newspaper.

    For Kennedy, the obstacles were his lack of experience when compared to other Democratic candidates, and his Catholic heritage — no Catholic had ever been elected president up until that point.

    Obama faces the same criticism for his lack of experience, and must overcome the reluctance of some to vote for a black presidential candidate.

    The “subtly bigoted phrase” most often heard during Kennedy’s campaign was that it was “too early” for a Catholic president, Sorensen recalls. “No doubt Obama will hear — or has already heard — similar sentiments about the color of his skin.”

    Kennedy and Obama were both Harvard-educated, and both entered the political limelight as the result of starring roles at the Democratic convention preceding their candidacies — Kennedy in 1956, when he nominated Adlai Stevenson, and Obama in 2004.

    Both also gained national attention through their best-selling inspirational books — JFK’s “Profiles in Courage” and Obama’s “The Audacity of Hope.”

    “Both men immediately stood out as young, handsome, and eloquent new faces who attracted and excited ever larger and younger crowds at the grass-roots level,” Sorensen writes.

    “Both were cerebral rather than emotional speakers, relying on the communication of values and hope rather than cheap applause lines.”

    Sorensen concludes in the Guardian: “Above all, after eight years out of power and two bitter defeats, Democrats in 1960, like today, wanted a winner — and Kennedy, despite his supposed handicaps, was a winner.”

    Regarding civil rights, the Cuban missile crisis, the space race and moon landing, and other issues, Sorensen added, Kennedy “succeeded by demonstrating the same courage, imagination, compassion, judgment, and ability to lead and unite a troubled country that he had shown during his presidential campaign. I believe Obama will do the same.”

    To the American voters:




    We need to unite and defend our Country.
    It is our country, our Constitution, Not Mexico’s, China’s, India’s, or Israel’s. We can not continue
    under the present policy’s.

    To insure that change will come about, we need to
    vote for the most promising candidates.

    Senator Barrack Obama in all aspects should be
    our choice for 2008. Please listen to his message,
    and seriously follow his campaign. We the American

    John Edwards should be our Vice President, One
    America for ALL AMERICANS. He stood up and
    said his vote on Iraq was wrong, he was the first
    to admit he was misled. HE was not forced into
    taken that position like many other polarized
    candidates, that follow special interest policy’s.

    Congressman Dennis Kucinich has taken a
    position against War, has led toward Impeachment
    of the Crime Bosses now in office. He is a man
    of character & values that we need representing us
    with in our next administration.

    Senator Biden has been a great leader, has proven
    knowledge in Foreign Affairs, and would protect
    our borders against “TERRORISM” with out
    attacking another Country. Would defend our Country
    when and only when absolutely needed take
    proper military action. He would make the best
    Secretary of Defense, we could ever ask for.

    There are candidates, that may make an announcement of running for office, but only after
    special interest groups commit tons of money to
    them, prior to announcing. Our answer, too late,
    stay home. We don’t need you or want you.

    All republican candidates should stay home with you,
    they all supported this past administration, even
    many Democrat candidates rubber stamped Bush.
    One candidates husband traveled the World with
    Bush 1, all for Bush 2 and his policies. NOW
    they take a position against this administration.
    WHAT TO HELL kind of over-sight, or accountibility
    is that.

    It certainly wasn’t just Republicans that sat on their
    hands when it came to Katrina.

    Barrack Obama and John Edwards stepped up
    immediately for our fellow Americans in New
    Orleans. All our minority Americans should
    step up and support who they knew fought for
    them, and continue to.

    We all need to unite now, BASE your vote by
    your Heart and Mind, not the wallet’s of these
    special interest groups & propaganda paid
    for by them. Look at all the Atrocities, domestic
    and foreign.

    For the benefit of our Country and our people
    with unpresidented happenings. The above
    mentioned candidates know we need unpresidented
    leadership and unity. Step up and do what
    is best, and how you can best serve the Country,
    not yourself or the conglomerates presently
    in charge.

    Barrack Obama’s campaign is and has been
    supported by contributions of individual citizens,
    us the American people. Why, he brings his campaign to us, average America. NOT AIPAC
    or 60 other such organizations, or corporations.

    That is the only pathway to change………..


    The mainstream corporate media would like to pretend that there is
    nothing going on, but a 15th member of the House just signed on to
    Kucinich’s H.Res. 333 to impeach Dick Cheney first. 95,000 people
    have already voted in the National Cheney Impeachment Poll, and no
    matter how many times Pelosi protests that impeachment is off the
    table, we can drive it like a truck right through the front picture
    window. And this is how we are going to do it.

    It is difficult to believe that with the U.S. establishment having all but conceded defeat in Iraq, and with the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group having signaled that the United States needs the help of its rivals Iran and Syria – as well as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and other influential Middle Eastern nations – to contain the Iraqi civil war, the U.S. and Israel are still pursuing the war and building permanent military bases in the disintegrating nation. Yet, this is precisely what the Pentagon is doing.

    Whether the U.S. retains five or 15 “enduring bases,” its goal is clear: to keep its military hand on the “jugular vein” of global capitalism – as former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Maxwell Taylor described Middle East oil. This requires an intimidating infrastructure of deadly high-tech fortresses and the warriors that go with them.

    All U.S. troops must be brought home if there is to be a chance for peace in Iraq. If the region’s nations are to have any hope of finally exercising self-determination, and if the United States wants to regain the trust and support of the international community, its military bases must be closed – quickly and permanently.

    It all depends on how submissive the rest of the WORLD is. Right now there is no notable objection.

    Every Republican candidate for president is trying to distinguish himself from Bush, but the major candidates would carry forward Bush’s core agenda:

    President Giuliani would support a second escalation of the war in Iraq.1
    President Romney would double the size of the Guantanamo Bay prison.2
    President McCain would bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.3
    President Fred Thompson would have offered Scooter Libby a full pardon.4
    We can make sure the Bush era ends in 2008. But it means starting now, not next year: building strength in key neighborhoods, creating cutting-edge tools for volunteers, and designing the most sophisticated voter turnout effort progressives have ever run.

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