Military Families Speak Out

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  • Anne Currier

    First I want to say how sorry I am for you loss…This war is not about democracy its about putting a government in place in Iraq that will allow american corporations to come in and have a free hand with Iraqi oil or anything they want..With complete disregard for the Iraqi people.. They are without electricity and running water. 150,000 of them are dead.. refugees in other countries are being forced in toprostitution…The only thing war brings is death and destruction.. it’s so sad that the American people are being fooled to send their children to do the devil’s work..You must read “Confessions of an economic hitman” and you will see we have been in this business for a long time….. Let’s pray that sanity will come soon. and stop t his horror.

  • barbpa

    I have read Confessions…and so have many in this office. It is horrible what we humans do to one another in the pursuit of money and power. I believe, we the peace movement, will prevail if we come together to demand an end to the status quo.

  • Billie Hull

    Well lets see if you truely belive in our freedoms,,,such as freedom of speach…Will you post what I write because I don’t agree…I am grateful for what your son did for me and this country…I know your loss,,,I too lost my son,,,But I see things differently my son died for our rights and freedoms…He knew the risks as did your son I’m sure…Be proud of their sacrfice,,don’t disrespect the lifes and their chioces by bad mouthing the very thing they died to protect…If you doubt what I write check it out my son was SPC Frank Cady III. I have always stated the same my son love what he did,he believed in it…All of the men and woman who inlist do so of their own free will not by force…Freedom of choice…

  • barbpa

    Of course I would never censor your speech. You have your opinion of this occupation are different than mine and of those expressed in this blog. I would like ot address your contention that speaking out agianst the occupation is disrespectful. Citizen advocacy is the height of our place in this democracy. It is not only our right and privledge to speak out to our government but our obligation as citizens.

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