Iraq Toll

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Those who died in Iraq from Feb 10 to 16:
Sgt Gary Willett  34  Alameda CA
Sgt Jerald Whisenhunt  32  Orrick MO
Sgt Timothy Martin  27  Pixley CA
Spc Michael Manibog  31  Alameda CA
Sgt Corey Spates  21  LaGrange GA
Sgt Javares Washington  27  Pensacola FL
41 wounded were returned to occupation.
297 Iraqi sisters and brothers were killed.
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    2008 is also the year for an “election” of a new president for US. If King-Wanna-Be Georgie Porgie allows it ….don’t forget that he HAS set it up to be able to declare martial law whenever he deems it necessary. In law passed unanimously by the Senate in October 2006 and by a HUGE majority in the House of Reps in September, 2006; In signing statements and in Presidential Directives released ONLY on the White House website.
    Our Fascist neo-con administration prefers to kill our soldiers than to take care of the economy; Our fascist neo-con administration prefers to rape our citizens and send Haliburton the spoils than to support the ill and poor.
    This WAR on Iraq and on the people of the Middle East (Israel excluded) is for oil, money and power.
    It has never been about security and “terrorism” (excuse me, to protect us from middle eastern terrorism – it IS all about Bush’s terrorism of the citizens of the World).
    Bush’s continued destruction and war on the post-born (protect the pre-born, they make good cannon fodder when they turn 18!)

    2008 is an election year – a time to challenge the fascist king’s followers but who is being sent to be OUR Protector? Obama? Hillary?
    Neither one has given the right answer. Both playing politics with the War – “We must stay until the iraqis can ‘defend’ themselves; we must protect our embassy”.
    We must give them “realistic timelines”………. play calendar games while more blood is poured in the desert, more deaths and more lost and tortured souls

    In 2006, the people gave a mandate – GET OUT of IRAQ
    No one listened
    In 2006, we made history with voting numbers and got Democrats back in the majority and they did nothing.
    Excuses and more excuses…whining and wringing their hands while the terrorist king-wanna-be continued to bully them and threaten.
    no-bid contracts,
    Blackwater Mercenaries
    illegal special renditions,
    Abu Grahib….
    and they did nothing
    Valerie Plame
    “Free Speech Zones”
    the destruction of the Constitution …..
    and they did nothing.


    2008 is an election year and they ask to be sworn in to the White House
    2008 is an election year and they ask to be sworn in to the House of Representatives
    2008 is an election year and they say they will do the “will of the people”
    Recent history says, they will do nothing

    NO BLOOD FOR POLITICS – time to drive that message home
    NO BLOOD FOR POLITICS – time to stop the timelines and the games and the wringing of hands.
    NO BLOOD FOR POLITICS – if they can’t hear us scream then maybe it is time to put this King George and the Republican and Democrat monarchy out of the country again
    2008 may be time for a modern 1776

  • libhomo

    You may be interested in the March 19 Blogswarm Against the Iraq War. Over a hundred blogs from several countries have signed up to post against this insanity on the 19th.

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